Frugal Endeavors

The crossword app on my phone was trying to encourage me. Check out 44 across.

August 29 to September 5, 2016

I am so glad that this was my last week of extreme craziness. I hate to admit it, but working day after day for weeks and weeks with not a single day off is really starting to wear on me. The good news is that I have been offered a new position at work. I will have fewer hours but they will be consistent and I will have a job that lasts through the winter. This means that the wolves have moved from howling at the door to having a nap on the front porch. Here is how we saved our pennies this week.

We went in with a few neighbours and hired a chimney sweep to clean our chimney and inspect our wood stove. He gave us all a group rate. I’m happy knowing our stove is clean and safe for use this winter.

Went for a walk at lunch and picked some wormwood for use in a Christmas project. I love the smell of this plant and its ability to keep away bugs. I picked several sprigs with seeds. I am hoping that I can grow some in my garden. It is a pretty and useful plant that would make a great addition to our yard.

I cut The Man’s hair.

The Man installed the stairs in the barn using materials that were purchased earlier this summer. This is part of the ongoing project of cleaning out the barn and turning it into a usable space. Before there was a rotten old ladder to the loft with one leg reinforced with an old baseball bat. These new stairs are much safer.

We picked more apples, which I’m counting towards my pantry challenge, even though I haven’t processed them yet.

Did the usual- took my lunch, hung my laundry.

How about you? How did you save money this week?


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