Keeping Christmas in your heart all the year – Advent up-date and a new stocking!


Whoo hoo – I managed to squeeze out a little time and add gifts to the advent tins for Days 14 and 15. I was also able to cross off another item from my Christmas “To Do” list for 2016.


The tin for Day 14 was covered with Christmas fabric. The gold circle was cut from a chocolate bar wrapper and I think the number “14” was from a magazine ad. The tin for Day 15 was covered with white printer paper and the mistletoe image was carefully cut from a magazine ad.

I found the old magazines for dirt cheap at the thrift stores. Some of the higher end magazines had beautiful ads that provided me with  really good materials for this project.

Day 14

I added the “You Rock” Rock to Day 14.

I’m sure the recipient will appreciate the sentiment and the pun.

Day 15

I cashed in some of my Swagbucks for a gift certificate that I am sure the recipient will enjoy. I have never used any of my Swagbucks before so I am keeping my finger’s crossed that this will work.

One of the projects from my Christmas “To Do” List was to make a new stocking for someone. I’m happy to say, that I can cross that task off my list.

Stocking outside

The recipient’s first name starts with an “S” so I included a patch of Aida cloth and cross stitched his initial.


I used the same method I used to make the Hexie Stocking Ornaments except that I used much larger, 2″ hexies.

Several month’s ago, I mentioned that I used some of my bottle money at our local thrift store to buy a stocking stuffer, which was a set of silver plated napkin rings.  Of course, new napkin rings need new napkins!  I spent several of my lunch hours stitching up these:

Christmas napkins

The grey cotton was left over from a quilt I had finished and the lining was from an old sheet. I found the snowflake pattern online.

I decided on a lined napkin because I still need a lot of practice sewing mitered corners and I wanted to hide the back of the embroidery as well as increase its longevity. I used another tutorial I found online to make them. I will add the napkins to the stocking. I hope they will witness many happy dinners with friends.

How about you? Leave a comment and tell me about how your Christmas preparations or where you find materials for making your own Christmas gifts.


  1. I love seeing what you have done. I have done absolutely nothing for Christmas so far, but I think it’s awesome that you have. Your gifts are lovely and thoughtful. The x-stitch is a lovely touch. Maybe I will get going on some projects once I get settled in my new house–I might even find some of my supplies:)


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