Rocking the “You Rock” Rock

Here is a quick and easy summer craft that will rock your these last few lazy days of summer.


  • Paint
  • Palette to mix your paint (I used a piece of tin foil)
  • Pencil with eraser (or paint brush)
  • Adhesive letters or letters cut out from adhesive labels.
  • Sharpie
  • Some kind of spray on clear coat or sealant
  • A rock (obviously)

I went for a walk and found a rock with a nice, flat surface. I took the rock home and give it a good wash and let it dry.

I couldn’t find adhesive letters that worked for me, so while my rock was drying I played around with the fonts in Word until I came up with something I liked. Next, I printed out the words on some adhesive labels and cut them out.

Cutting out the letters.

When the rock was dry, I arranged adhesive letters to say “You Rock.”

Stick the letters on the rock

Arrange the letters on the rock

The next step is the hardest and it is to decide on a colour scheme. I knew I wanted to use at least three colours. I found this cheat sheet on the internet and decided on a split complementary combination.


Once I had arranged my letters on the rock and decided on my colour scheme, I was ready to paint.

Ready to paint

I started by daubing on the first colour. I didn’t have a paint brush handy so I used the erase tip of a pencil like a stamp. I was sure to let the paint cover the letters.

First colour

First colour done. I used ultramarine.

When the first colour has dried, I daubed on the second colour.

Orange was my choice for the second colour.

I let the second colour dry before adding the third colour.

The third colour was cerulean blue.

When the third, final colour was dry, I traced around each letter using a sharpie. Then I peeled of the adhesive letters so that the original rock could be seen.

I touched up the outline of the letters. I knew I wanted to protect my work so I dug through The Man’s collection of paint until I found this:

All done!


I hope the rest of your summer rocks!


2 thoughts on “Rocking the “You Rock” Rock

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