Keeping Christmas in your heart all the year – waiting


The truth is – I did not spend any time working on my Christmas Advent Calendar this month. I have many excuses. The busy summer season is here, I am tired, and I am lacking inspiration. I can also blame the weather as the rain has prevented me from getting outside to gather the herbs and other natural materials I was planning on using.

I did, however, manage to get somethings “brewing.” I have a jar of vodka being infused with black currents to make a black currant liquor, and a couple of jars of oil infusing with various herbs to make lip balm and soap.


I also have oranges dehydrating in the dehydrator to make potpourri.  Infusing and dehydrating takes time and so as well as being short on time, tired, and lacking in inspiration, I am also impatient.

So, the question is, how do you keep Christmas in your heart when you are feeling frustrated and impatient? What advice do you have for recapturing your creative mojo?


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