Frugal Endeavors

Some of the free seed packets I got in the mail are blooming, including very pretty poppies. I am hoping for some seeds so I can keep these pretty flowers in my garden in the coming years.

July 11 – July 18, 2016

This week was spent waiting for summer to make an appearance. The unusual weather has effected our money saving endeavors. On the positive side, the wild berries seem to enjoy the cool weather. I used the black currants I picked last week to make eight jars of black currant jelly for this week’s pantry challenge. A quick search on the internet revealed I would have to spend about $30.00 to buy that much jam.  Not too bad! That’s $30.00 that I can keep in my pocket.

However,  the humidity affected the jelly and it did not set! I was faced with several jars of syrup instead of jelly. Happily, I was able to find directions on how to rescue jelly and this story had a happy ending.

The cooler weather meant that we could make another trip to the bush to collect two more  truckloads of firewood. We also foraged a bucket of mixed raspberries and  thimbleberries that I stuck in the freezer. I will keep collecting these juicy red berries until I have enough to make more jelly.

The overcast, rainy days means that we have not had to use the fans to keep the house cool and that should keep our electric bill down. It also means that my upstairs sewing room has been cool enough to spend some time sewing. I finished a sample patch for a new quilt I am considering making from old blue jeans,  a dish mat from fabric from my stash and an old towel, and a bag for storing potatoes. A friend made me a dish mat as a Christmas gift and I love using it when I can. I use it as a trivet for hot jars out of the canner and for a place to put wet peaches when I am skinning them. I also played around with the decorative stitches on my sewing machine to hem a cloth for straining berries to make jelly.

On the downside, the cool wet weather is affecting our garden. Our poor garden is not doing as well as hoped. Everything seems to be in suspended animation and is not growing well. I was hoping for better results but I am grateful for what we have been able to harvest. There may not be many potatoes, but they sure are tasty.

We have been able to harvest a little here and there from our garden. The Man was able to harvest enough baby potatoes, onions and carrots for Sunday dinner and a potato salad for a picnic lunch.

How about you? Leave a comment and tell me how you saved money this week.



  1. I am really worried about our potatoes in the garden this year. They had just started flowering when the waves of hail hit and the floods began. I have a feeling that we will have very few potatoes this year.

    God bless.


  2. Great tips! I’m going to explore making jellies 🙂
    I ‘saved’ some plums by making them into a fruit syrup and then used the post-syrup boiled plums to create a simple cobbler.


  3. Oh and the way I saved money this week….. I have learned how to Skype. So now my long distance bills will be down and I get to see the faces of the people I love and miss.


  4. Thank you for the info on how to save the jam if it fails. Every time I move I have to adjust my canning processes. I plan to make freezer and strawberry rhubarb jam next week.


  5. Have I shown you my coffee table turned herb garden?! Also, kombacha is back to brew now that we are settled. I have perfected my own chap stick – and prefer it to even burts bees. And, all my Brussels were lost to an infestation of something. Harvesting lavender has put laundry soap on the back burner.

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  6. We harvested our potatoes today. We got more then I expected for a first try using the tubs. Next year I’ll plant few in the tub and hope for larger ones. We got about 5lbs or so. That means I won’t have to buy potatoes for a bit. We also gave had a crazy amount of tomatoes off our plants. They are small but make great snacked !!


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