Frugal Endeavors

June 28 – July 4

The frugal endeavors for this week focused on using what we had available to us.

There are so many different plants growing on our property and so many of these plants can be put to good use.

I gathered comfrey and St. John’s Wort to include in a liniment for sore joints and muscles. I used some of the St. John’s wort in a tincture. I also gathered more lavender and hung it to dry.

I made half a batch of Rhubarb and Saskatoon Chutney using rhubarb and Saskatoons growing wild on our property. I am so glad canning season is starting! It means I can add more good stuff to my pantry without having to set foot into a store.

We also harvested some more potatoes and an onion from the garden. We had a week of blistering hot weather followed by a week of heavy, heavy rain and I think it affected our poor potatoes in a bad way. We will see if we get much of a crop this year, but I am not feeling very confident.

While I was out picking comfrey, I discovered a bush full of black currents. I will be coming back for these.

Finished up one part-time temp job and was offered another to take its place. This will limit the amount of free time I have this summer, but it should make things easier when we lose another source of income late this summer.

The Man made a screen door to help cool down our house.  We do not have air conditioning and our house can be unbearable when the summer gets hot. We also have way too many bugs in our neighborhood to keep the doors and windows open without screens. This one door has already made a big difference and we are looking at ways to pay for the materials to make another door so that we can have a cross breeze.

How about you? Leave a comment below and share what you did this week to save money.


2 thoughts on “Frugal Endeavors

  1. Just a thought. I once made a temporary window screen from a lace curtain I bought at a thrift store by stapling it to a cardboard square that had the center cut out. It worked for the time I needed it. I only had to remember to remove it before rain. It might work for you until you can buy the materials for a permanent solution.


    • Good idea! We have done something similar on our bathroom window. I have often wondered about why lace was often used as a window covering and I think it was used originally as a screen to keep insects out.

      Thanks again for the great idea.


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