The High Cost of Food


Cherry tomatoes from last year. I planted a small bush because these tiny tomatoes were selling for something like $3.00 for a pint sized container, at the height of the tomato season.

I have considered beef and grapes to be luxury grocery items for sometime now, so I haven’t really been paying attention to the price of these foods. However, this ad in a local sales flyer caught my attention. 

This ad  illustrates why it can be difficult for many families to feed their families good, nutritious food.

The price of food May 2016


On sale, a pound of grapes costs as much as a pound of sirloin tipped roast beef.


How much do you pay for grapes and beef where you live? Leave a comment and let’s compare prices.

Read more:

CBC article from March 2016

Huffington Post, January 2016



2 thoughts on “The High Cost of Food

  1. We have started shopping No Frills which is a little brother along the Superstore line. Even then $3 for cherry tomatoes is considered a deal, and less than $6 for a pound of grapes is a bargain. This winter we were paying upwards of $9 for a tiny cauliflower. The prices are obscene, especially when you consider how much the cost of gas has gone down and the farmers see a very small percentage of it.

    We are seing a tiny bit of improvememt in Calgary now for some reason. I’m paying about $180 a week for a vegetarian family of 4, not including any medications or extras. Every month or so I have to re-stock the cupboards again which doubles that. This city is expensive to live in, but it can be manageable if you hunt around.

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