Frugal Endeavors

May 2 – May 9

Wow, that week went fast! I ran my feet off for this temp job. Lots and lots of walking in the hot, hot sun. When I wasn’t working, I have to confess that I was glued to the TV and various news sites. The area I grew up, and the province that made me who I am  is burning. So many people have lost everything and are hurting. I will never complain about a rainy day again. Those wishing to donate can do so at

I didn’t do much grocery shopping either. I bought a bag of ripe bananas for .99 before my shift and made a loaf of banana bread. The extra bananas went into the freezer. I should get at least two more loaves of banana bread out of my $1 worth of bananas. My rhubarb is beginning to ripen and I harvested a little. I added this to my freezer to make into chutney later in the month.

Washed clothes and hung them to dry.

Came home for lunch even though I was hot, sweaty and tired instead of eating out. I also filled both my water bottles at home instead of spending money on drinks while I was working.

I spent $4 on a tomato and a pepper plant for my garden. If they grew as well as they did last year, this will be enough to meet our needs.

I’ve picked two large and fragrant bouquets of lilacs. I put them in my bathroom where they make the whole room smell intoxicating.

That’s it, not enough time to spend on frugal activities but not a lot of time to spend money either.

How was your week?


7 thoughts on “Frugal Endeavors

  1. My tub garden is finally starting to grow !! Everything is coming up except for the hot peppers and rosemary but I’m sure they won’t be much longer. I have cucumbers already as well !! Only one is big enough for me to pick but I’m going to wait a couple more days. I also have a whole bunch of tomatoes that are getting bigger !! I am very happy at how well this has worked !! I will be doing it again next year !!!


  2. Having lived in Grand Forks for 4 years in the early ’70s I enjoy your blog very much …. We spent a good bit of time at Christina Lake during the summers. What a fantastic country for growing food! We used to pick tomatoes, raspberries, apples, apricots, I really miss the “sunshine valley” ….
    ann on vancouver island


  3. I have done that more than once for sure! I do miss the old yale hotel serving their borsch, although I have the recipe and do make it …. ann lee s


  4. you are taking some very good photographs! love the grey barn door. my frugal endeavour: a square foot of rot from a leak in my garage wall needed repair … because I am 73, on my own on limited income, I choose to do most repairs if I can …. and this one was a success!! next I need to tackle the leaning fence and old fence post … this one may take me a while longer! I do keep a good pantry and have been using it lately in order to renew the canned goods. als


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