Advent Calendar Progress – Keeping Christmas in your heart all the year


Advent calendar days 3, 4, 5 and 6 are done.  After sewing all those tiny, tiny little hexies, I thought I would keep things simple this time around.


Days 3, 4, 5 and 6
I used wrapping paper (Day 3), the background from a magazine ad (Day 4), scrapbook paper and washi tape (Day 5) and an old transit map (Day 6). The scrapbook paper from Day 5 was recycled from a homemade gift bag sent to me by a friend. I selected sections from the transit map that show areas we used to live.

The gifts were an assortment of stuff I had on hand, freebies in the mail, and hand made.

Filled with gifts

I didn’t put anything in Day 3 – yet. I am keeping it empty because I will fill it with homemade salted caramels or chocolates that I will make closer to Christmas. Day 6 includes a set of earphones that I had on hand. The recipient goes through a couple of headphones a year so I know they will be appreciated.



The tea in Day 5 was a freebie in the mail. The recipient is a tea drinker. This company looks like it creates and interesting and high quality product. You can find more information about them on their website – Delice Boreal.

I made the magnets for Day 4. I used a tutorial online and I cut the words from a dictionary I bought from the library’s “For Sale” rack. This tutorial does not recommend a specific glue but i used E-6000. This is a handy glue to keep on hand. Its good for crafts and it is also good for fixing your shoes.


Six done – another 18 to go!







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