Frugal Endeavors

My plum tree in its spring finery.

April 19, 2016 to April 25, 2016

A busy and productive week. Here is what we got up to. 

I picked up an extra shift at work. I am always happy to help out and money doesn’t hurt either. I have been taking my crochet project to work on during my lunch hours. Extra shifts means that I also get more work done on my new vest.

We had company this week. The Man’s buddy came for a visit and he definitely earned his keep! The two of them got busy with their chainsaws and removed several trees that were too close to the house . These trees will be used for fence poles in the garden and firewood for 2017. He left behind a couple of containers of berries, which I froze, and a couple of hard ciders, which I drank.


Second attempt at the Pantry Challenge.

I took another stab at the pantry challenge inspired by A Working Pantry.  This week found me with only $10.00 in my chequing account until pay day and I was uncomfortable parting with it. Instead of spending money on this week’s challenge, I made a few items that I use a lot from ingredients that I had on hand. I made poultry seasoning using herbs I dried last year, pumpkin pie spice using spices bought in bulk and stored in the freezer, and granola using the recipe from the first volume of The Tightwad Gazette.


I enjoyed the sunshine and planted nasturtium seeds saved from last year. I also planted a packet of wild flower seeds I received in the mail. I hope they sprout and don’t get eaten by either the gophers or deer.

I also received a couple of tea bags in the mail as a free sample. Those will be used in a Christmas gift.

I bought an ebook using point from doing surveys online. This might sound like a good frugal move, but it was to replace a book that I think I accidentally donated to our library. I hope the library and the new reader both benefited from my carelessness.

I washed my laundry using homemade detergent and fabric softener and I dried them on my line.  I’m slowly going through my summer wardrobe. The stuff that still works will be put away for use. Stuff that I can no longer wear or that doesn’t suit me will be donated and a few things will be put aside for repurposing.

How about you? Leave a comment and tell me how you saved money this week.



  1. Hey there frugal friend.

    We did a lot of laundry on the line outside this week, as the weather in Calgary was almost up to 30. It was so beautiful that I planted into the straw bales with the seedlings that I did have already, and set up a few new ones for a successive planting in a few weeks. It saves a bunch more than buying the seedlings in store. I used some landscaping paper to upcycle a pallet into an upright strawberry bed which needed some tlc, using the strawberries from last year that needed a bit of thinning.

    The Husbind needed a new coat, so I headed out to the local thrift store and got a beautiful new, lined black and grey fleece for $27…-50% off. It looks gorgeous on those broad shoulders of his. He used those nice shoulders to carry home pieces of a tree that a neighbor cut down last weekend too. When it dries out it’ll make great firewood.

    This weekend was our community clean up, so we used the opportunity to clean up some leftover broken paving stones, saving ourselves the dump fees. Also I went through the kids books and got rid of all the un-sentimental books they don’t want and will dontate them to their school Tuesday if they’ll have them.

    This week we’ll be shopping at No Frills again. It saved me over $100 last week. We might hit up Costco as a treat to see if we can get any berries on sale. I could use some spring flavours in my tummy. We are working on not throwing out any leftovers, ever. Not there yet, as Husbind tends to hide them in the back of the fridge on me…..unless they are cookies. Funny thing that there are never any cookie leftovers.


  2. Didn’t really save money this week but took steps towards it ! We bought our seeds for our “tub” garden. Dad gave us 6 mineral tubs he got from the farmer he hauls grain for. We will fill them with the dirt we can haul from a town site( free) and then get started !! We also went to mom and dads and my man helped with some chores for dad and we hauled home a pickup box of firewood to use in for fire pit we got from dad.


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