Frugal Endeavors

April 12 to April 18

A little chillier here this week. We even had to light the fire. It did eventually warm up. Here is how we stayed frugal this week. 

Used a free grocery tag given to us as part of a promotion to take our garbage to the dump. While we were there, we dealt with our recycling.

Most of our frugal activities this week seem to center around food. Both present and future. In terms of the future, the raised beds are filled with dirt and planted with potatoes, carrots, onions, beets, spinach and garlic. I hope we get a good enough crop to make a noticeable difference in our grocery budget, at least for a couple of months in the fall.

As for the present – I baked gluten free peanut butter cookies for my work lunches (and just to nibble on).  I bought a ham on sale for $10 a couple of weeks ago. We defrosted it for Sunday dinner and had enough leftover for two meals of ham and scalloped potatoes, three meals of ham sandwiches, and a dinner of fettuccine alfredo with ham and lots of veggies. I finally cubed the remaining leftovers and put them in the freezer for a future meal. Whole chickens were on sale at my grocery store this week. I picked up a nice fat one for $6. It did for two dinners and two lunches.

We continue to do our grocery shopping using a gift certificate, a list, and a calculator to keep us within budget. So far, this approach to grocery shopping is really working for us. We had enough left over this week, including $5.00 towards restocking the pantry, that we could splurged on a  hummingbird feeder to hang in front of the window. They are so fun to watch.


First attempt at the pantry challenge. The jello mixes were about $0.50, the pudding was $1.20, the pineapple was $1.00 each, and the coconut milk was about $1.40 (really good sale). I did spend more than $5.00, but not by much. And my record keeping was sloppy. I will do better next week.

I went for a walk around town with a friend. It was put out your junk day in honour of Earth day. I found a few books to take home with me and my friend found a coffee maker, vacuum, screen door and a couple of books for herself.  Exercise and good conversation all rolled up into one sunny day.

I did our taxes for 2015 using a combination of a free online tax program and the guide books from the post office. Frugal in that I did not have to pay to have them done, but a little bit pricey because I do have to scrap together a little bit of money to pay them. Oh well, next year should be better.

How about you? Leave a comment and tell me about how you were frugal this week.


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