Frugal Endeavors

April 4 to April 11

Put my first paycheque in the bank.

Got money back from Sears on our waterheater

Used last jar of Salsa to make salsa chicken. I froze the left overs for a future meal. My pantry shelves are beginning to look pretty bare. I am grateful for my pantry as it continues to help us with our grocery bill but it’s time to think about restocking. I think I will have to focus on using up what’s left in the coming weeks to make space for this year’s canning. I might need some kind of pantry challenge to motivate me to stock up on other staples that I can’t make myself. Patsi at A Working Pantry challenges herself to add to her pantry every week by only spending $5. I think I will look to her for inspiration.

Puttered around the house and yard. The new raised beds are built, painted, and waiting for dirt (next week).

Mending and did completed some online work. I picked up an extra shift at my new job.

Got my little car running for the summer. We can’t use it in the winter but we do use in when the weather warms up for any trip that does not require a truck because it is so much easier on gas.

Used homemade laundry detergent and homemade fabric softener to wash my clothes before hanging them out to dry.

It has been hot here this week meaning there was no need to light the fire thus saving on fire wood.


6 thoughts on “Frugal Endeavors

  1. Hi Rimbey! No real frugal things aside from eating healthier by cooking at home. Lots of fruits and veggies. It will help now that my gall bladder is gone. And with my top surgery coming up.
    Sure do miss you!


  2. I got my straw bales started this week for planting later this month, and shopped around for some cheap lawn fertilizer to condition them. I found some at over 60% off what I was expecting to spend. I used up stuff from the freezer too in planned meals. We’re having a new water tank installed next week, so we’ll have to move the freezer first, so it’s nice to have it a little bit lighter. We salvaged some wood for the fire pit this summer too – almost a full cord’s worth. Already chopped and aged, t was just going to go into a dumpster, but now it has a good home. It cost us a few spider bites, but they were worth it.

    The weather has been beautiful, so we’re hanging clothes out to dry too, and spending oodles of time outside. It’s a great week to be a Calgarian.


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