Frugal Endeavors


A Recipe

March 29, 2016 to April 3, 2016

I used several ingredients from the recipe in the picture above to bake myself a healthy, productive, and frugal week. 

Finally ate most of the food in the freezer. I took this time to scrub it out. We will now restock it with food we intend to eat during the week to make sure we are cycling through the food stored in the deep freeze.

While in the kitchen, I made turkey soup using the carcass I brought home from Easter dinner at my Mom’s and the very last onion from our winter stores. I took a big container of soup over to my Mom’s for her and my brother to eat later in the week.

Planted the rest of the irises and some chives from my mom. I also planted some spinach seeds. The garlic I planted last fall is growing like crazy as are a couple of volunteer onions. The Man finished two raised beds and we carried them out to the garden. Now to get busy and get the dirt, build a fence…. The list goes on and on.

We looked to see if we could use any on the lumber left in the barn by the last owners  to build stairs to the loft so that next year’s bees can live up there. Hopefully, this will keep them safe from the bears. While we were up at the barn, I rescued an old filthy dirty Rubbermaid container, brought it home, scrubbed it out, and it is now our new container for recycling. I found a quarter in the mess when I clean it out. I’m adding that quarter to my Christmas fund. Hey, every penny counts.

Washed my laundry using homemade laundry detergent and hung it out on the line to dry. I made another batch of fabric softener.

We stayed on budget at the grocery store by making a list (and taking it with us), using a calculator while we shopped so that we would not spend more than our gift certificate allowed us. We patted ourselves on the back all the way home, only to open the door to a water heater that had failed during our absence.

I am grateful that I paid off our credit cards a little while ago because we needed it to buy and install a new water heater. The Man was able to install it (electric water heater) saving the cost of hiring a plumber. The old water heater was over 20 years old and much bigger than the new one. It will be interesting to see how much of a difference this new, smaller, and more efficient water tank makes to our hydro bill.

I saved the box the water heater came in to use on the bottom of the new raised beds as a weed blocker.

I was so lucky to spend the weekend in the company of friends. I went into town and meet a couple of good friends for coffee. We visited the thrift store and the library. My friends picked up some free seeds left over from Seedy Saturday for their gardens.

Seeds left over from our local, free seed exchange.

I picked up a cool children’s book and an old dictionary that I will be using for various craft projects. I used the quarter I found in the Rubbermaid bin to fund my library purchases.

We then visited a local, well junk shop doesn’t sound like the right term as the proprietor had some really nice stuff. Maybe “Junque” shop is a better term. I resisted buying anything for myself, but my friend is starting over and she found several things for her home.

Sunday I went for a hike and excellent conversation with a couple of other friends. It was so nice to visit in the sunshine while getting some much needed exercise.

This week I got a cup of joy, more than a couple of tablespoons of exercise, and a extra helping of friendship, humour, and positivelty. I am blessed to always have extra love in my life, no matter what life brings us.

How about you? What ingredients did you have on hand this week to make a healthy life?

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