Frugal Endevours

Smile! Spring is coming.

Smile! Spring is coming.

March 21 – March 28, 2016

Work is going well at the new job, the people I work with and the customers are really nice, which makes all the difference in the world.  I baked some cookies to use up a mix I bought on sale a while ago to take in my lunch and I polished up a pair of good quality walking shoes I have. They will keep my feet happy after standing all day.

Completed a short side gig on the computer. This should pay for one load of dirt to fill some of my new raised beds.

The Man made a new sign with our house numbers on it using scrap lumber.

Fixed my rubber boots with a couple of pieces of duct tape. Hopefully I can continue to wear them for the rest of the season.

Started crocheting a new vest using recycled yarn. Spring might be here but winter is always shows up sooner than expected.

I am watching my neighbours cats while she is away. I feed them some of our left over fish from dinner one night. We are friends now.

Went for a walk and coffee with a friend. I spend money on my coffee but the conversation was priceless.

Turkey dinner at my mom’s. I brought home some eggs, left-over turkey, and the turkey carcass. I plan on making a big batch of turkey soup and give most of it to my mom and brother.

Happy Easter.


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