Frugal Endeavours

Snow heart

Happy Valentine’s Day. Winter still loves me. Can’t say the feeling is mutual.

February 8, 2016 to February 14, 2016

A busy week here. This is what we did to keep our frugal household running . The kitchen saw a lot of action this week. I used the two pounds of hamburger I won last week at the Meat Draw to make two dozen meatballs, a dozen sausage patties using on sale bacon, and a big pot of dirty rice.  I made beans from scratch in my slow cooker. Once cooked, I used them to make Bacon and Bean soup (using the leftover on sale bacon used to make the sausage patties) and Boston Baked Beans.

My youngest son came to visit over the weekend. I was lucky to be able to feed him well from the freezer and pantry. I had all the ingredients on hand to send him home with some baking  and a batch of Cold and Flu tea for when he is sick.

While he was here, he helped me spring clean the living room. We have very high ceilings with heavy timber beams. I swear they haven’t been dusted since the house was originally built. The accumulated cobwebs and dust were horrifying and downright disgusting. My youngest used a ladder and a long pole wrapped with a towel to clean off 40 years of accumulated filth. This was the best Valentine’s Day gift ever.

Grandma wanted to spend time with her grandson and planned a ham dinner. She gave me the leftovers and the bone to take home. I will freeze the bone and use it the next time I make beans.

The Man was also busy this week.  He was able to fix the gasket on our wood stove using a small, $3.00 bottle  of glue. We  visited the local Restore run by Habitat for Humanity. We found drawer pulls for the bathroom for a dollar apiece (instead of$5.00 each) and a new light fixture ($15 instead of $90 !!) to replace the exceptionally ugly one by the dining room table.   He also worked on making a cutting table for my sewing room  using some old drawers we pulled out of the kitchen when we replaced the cabinets.

How was your week?




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