Frugal Endeavors


This pretty yellow bird stopped by our bird feeder. I have not idea what it is called. If you know, please let me know in the comment section.

January 19 to January  31, 2016

Despite the mild temperatures, winter is still here. The sky remains gray and overcast but we didn’t let that stop us from being frugal.

I meet an important frugal goal in an unexpected manner. I received a letter from my bank telling me about a bank account that I had forgotten about. I closed out the account and used the money to pay off the balances on two credit cards. I am grateful that I will not have to worry about meeting those bills in the months ahead.

One of the best frugal things I have ever done is sharing my home with the man. Not only is he resourceful, he is very handy and saved us the price of an electrician this week as he moved the light fixture from the wall in our bedroom to the beam above the bed. So much better and now I can read in bed with no shadows on the page.  (He cooks too!)

We were invited out to two dinners. I bought pickled beets and the bread and butter zucchini pickles I made this fall from a gifted zucchini. The pickles meet with rave reviews. Good food, excellent conversion, and the price couldn’t be beat.

I printed a free printable and used a cheap frame to framed a picture for my guest bathroom. It matches the colour scheme and it made me laugh. I worked on several sewing projects including a quilt that I was asked to make as a special gift and a super secret Valentine’s Day gift.

We also continued with the usual frugal activities including relying exclusively on our wood stove for heat, drying clothes in front of the fire, eating at home (or the homes of our friends) and combining chores when we do venture down our hill and into town.

How about you? What steps are you taking to remain frugal as winter drags on?


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