Frugal Endeavors


January 11, 2016 to January 18, 2016

Another slow and sleepy week. Even so, we still pinched a few pennies.

We started the week by going for a walk and playing around with a free GPS app.  I am trying to go for a walk every day regardless of the weather to get back in shape.  I have also managed to sneak in a few online yoga classes downloaded for free.

We have done really well eating the food we already have. All our dinners including a venison stew and a fish supper have all come from the deep freeze. I think we did extra well by using up all the leftover as either lunch or dinner the next day.

We started making plans to expand our garden come spring.

I cut the man’s hair (#5 buzz cut) using clippers we bought a couple of years ago now. These clippers pretty much paid for themselves after the second hair cut.

While we were out and about, I found a broken up old fortune cookie in the bottom of my purse that was a souvenir from our birthday dinner last month. We were given an extra fortune cookie, so my brother told me to buy a lottery ticket using the “lucky numbers” on the back of the fortune. We will see if this was a wise purchase or not next week when I check the numbers.  Probably a waste of $5, but a girl can dream.

In terms of generating income, I spent the last weekend helping with inventory at a local store. I have also sent out a couple of resumes. Fingers crossed.

How was your week?




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