Getting ready for Winter – new quilt


Winter nights are a little easier to bear when you can cuddle up under a new quilt.

I made this quilt from bits and pieces from my stash of flannel. Some of it was left over from other projects, some of it came from old flannel shirts and pajamas, and a couple of pieces came from the fabric bags they use to package flannel sheets.

I used a “paper piecing” method to make each block, except I used an old sheet instead of paper. This is the way my mom did it, and I haven’t been able to break the tradition.  Paper piecing using paper would be easier in so many ways, but I feel that using the old sheet provides an extra layer of warmth. I also used another, much nicer, sheet for the back. Quilts made using sheeting are almost impossible to quilt by hand. That is why I tied this one.

I used a warm, cotton batting. In the past, I have used a thrifted wool blanket in quilts that I tie to make an exceptionally warm covering, but wool blankets are are getting harder to come by in our neighbourhood second hand stores. We have slept under this quilt a few times, and I can happily report that the cotton batting is keeping us warm.

This pattern is “Kaleidoscope.”  When I was almost done this quilt, a friend posted this on facebook:


Stay warm.

Kalidescope 1




3 thoughts on “Getting ready for Winter – new quilt

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