Throw Back Thursday – Pierre Berton still Rocks

Og coverIf you grew up in Canada, chance are good that you read The Secret World of Og.

In a fit of nostalgia, I checked this book out of our local library and I remembered of why it is such a popular book.

First there are the illustrations, which were provided by Patsy Berton.

These two deserve to be immortalized in my household somehow, maybe on a tea towel…

Og 1 (2)

Og 2


My favorite scene in the book is when they paint Peter green because, “Like all red-blooded boys he always wanted to paint himself green.” I know that I would have painted myself green in a heartbeat if the opportunity would have presented itself. I suppose I envied Peter, just a bit. I think that I will have to find a way to frame this one and hang it in my bathroom.

Og 3


When I first read this book, I wanted to be Penny – the oldest, responsible sister who enjoyed Lucy Lawless books. Unlike my friends, I could not get through a Nancy Drew book to save my life, she bored me half to death and so I thought Penny was very mature. The truth is, I was Patsy – always falling into the water with pockets full of amphibians.

This book is really about the power of stories – especially the stories we tell ourselves. As Pamela says, “Maybe it’s not so much what you are, as what you are,” she said finally, trying to sort it all out. “I mean, if you think you’re something, then it’s almost as if you were something.”

Words to keep in mind no matter how old you are.

Have you read this book? What was your favorite part?

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