Frugal Endeavors

Lichen on a tree
Lichens growing on a tree

November 22 – November 29

Another unremarkable week but some money saving activities did take place.

I cut my sweetie’s hair saving at least $20 at the barbers. We took the recycling into town with us, thus getting the best use of our gas money and saving $3.

We covered two very draughty doors with plastic. Hopefully this will make the house feel warmer and reduce the amount of wood we burn.

We continued to eat down what was in our freezer. It’s pretty much empty now. Time to start on the pantry and deep freeze.

I defrosted some of the pumpkin I froze earlier this month. I made pumpkin pancakes, which were lackluster and pumpkin fudge, which is pretty good. We’ve been snacking on it all week. Yum!

How was your week?



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