Frugal Endeavors

I think this once belonged to a skunk.

I think this once belonged to a skunk.

October 20 –  October 31

The second half of the month began with us sharpening our frugal skills as we received news that more than half our monthly income would disappear, immediately.  Not the worst news we could receive but not the best news we could receive either.

Our first step was to go through our fridge and see what we could use up to ensure that we could stretch our food budget.  I made Clara’s Poorman’s Meal and Autumn Sausage Casserole to use up some sausage. These meals feed us for most of the week.  We spent a day hunting and we were lucky enough to take a deer.  We will process it ourselves. I am so grateful for the food it will provide for us over the winter, especially in light of recent events.

My neighbor gave me a remarkably large pumpkin for Halloween.  I plan to bake it and freeze it for future meals.

My Sweetie made me a magazine rack out of leftover wood from other projects. I fixed another tee shirt from the mending pile. I made fabric softener and hair de-tangler from a $0.75 bottle of hair conditioner. I still have a little conditioner left in the bottle, but when the bottle is empty, I intend to use it to make a holder to hold my cell phone while it charges. Not bad for $0.75!

I planted garlic and split wood and kindling. We went for a walk on our property and I found an animal skull. I think it once belonged to a skunk.  I brought it home, soaked it in a bleach and water solution and took it next door for the neighbor boys to try and identify.

I hope you all had a frugal and happy Halloween.




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