Frugal Endeavors


October 5 – 12

Another busy week but I managed a few frugal “wins.”

On Tuesday, I took in the recycling before hitting the thrift store to pick up some fabric for my winter quilt. Then I went to the library to work on a project. I discovered a new reference book and was about to check it out when the librarian advised me that an updated version was available on the “for Sale by Donation Table.” I donated $3 to the library (all the change in my wallet) and walked out with a new and very informative reference book.

On Wednesday, a friend from work sent a spaghetti squash home for me to try. I have not tried spaghetti squash yet, and I’m looking forward to trying out a few new recipes.

On Thursday, I backed a gluten free lemon loaf to pack in my lunches to eat while working a temp job. This gig will only last a few days but it could be very busy.

I worked a four-day temp position. I was scheduled for only a couple of hours but they were so busy that I stayed for the entire 8 hours (and then some).

A friend gifted us with a bag full of fish caught by his son who is an avid fisherman. This windfall included two whole salmon.

My neighbor knew I was working late at my side gig and sent over Thanksgiving leftovers including a jar full of dried apples. We have enough turkey and fixings for meals for a couple of days. And, yes, I do have wonderful friends and neighbours.

How was your week?


2 thoughts on “Frugal Endeavors

    • Yikes! that’s expensive fish. The friend lives on Vancouver Island right on the ocean and lives to fish. We are very grateful for his gifts, without a doubt, even more so now. $20! That’s crazy.


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