Frugal Endeavors


Table runner close up

Autumn Leaves

September 13,- September 20, 2015

A busy, busy time at work. This happens every year and I swear that next year I will be better prepared with a few crockpot meals ready to go.

Thursday was spent in my sewing room. I finished the dresser scarves, which meant I had to dust, declutter, and vacuum the bedroom before I could use them. A few more quilt patches were made and I whipped up a couple of lingerie bags from the remnants of a lace curtain.

Friday I made a curried lentil soup in the crockpot to use up various leftovers. It was very tasty, filling, warming, and cheap. What else could you want in a soup? A trip to the thrift store to drop off some donations lead to the purchase of a new (to me) tablecloth for the rare times we entertain, a lid for one of my Pyrex dishes to replace the one that went missing, and a movie to watch later. Not bad for $6.00.  Over the weekend, I cut the man’s hair and saved another $15.00 or so.

How did you save money this week?


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