Frugal Endeavors

At least the bears left behind one pretty apple.

At least the bears left me at least one pretty apple.

August 31 – September 6
This seemed like a week of frugal fails but there were a few bright spots.



We dug up a few potatoes from our garden. We were pleasantly surprised to find lovely, large potatoes hiding under the dirt. Five minutes of digging and we had enough delicious new potatoes for two meals. This year our potato planting was experimental and we thought it was a failure and this was definitely a bright spot in our week.

I was hoping to harvest and can the fruit from my apple and pear trees but the bears beat me too it. I think I harvested about five apples and seven pears in total. This means I will have to buy fruit from a local supplier. They sell a good product and at a really good price, but it still isn’t free. Next year, I will have to be faster.

My man broke his glasses and he cannot see without them. A big ouch. Luckily, there was a sale on frames and lenses, which saved about 20% and I was able to pay for the glasses out of money earned doing online work and stashed away in a PayPal account. Our insurance should reimburse us for the eye appointment.

We got new winter tires, which was another financial hit but you can’t put a price on safety. We sold the old tires on the local Buy and Sell and put the cash towards this purchase. It covered about half the price. Since I had to go to the next town over to have the tires installed, I was able to visit with my youngest son. I brought him a care package with canned peaches (one of his favorite foods in the world), a loaf of zucchini bread made with a gifted zucchini, and some tomatoes and peppers from our garden. I bought him lunch (expensive) and then we went to a local park for a walk and a chat (priceless!).

My neighbor returned from her vacation overseas and brought me a couple of packages of award winning blue cheese and chocolate for looking after her cats. The chocolate is so good and I am looking forward to eating the cheese.

The weather has cooled and fall is in the air. This means it is time to start getting ready for winter. We started by putting a roof on our new woodshed. Again, this meant money out, but it will protect the wood that heats us through the winter and it should last for many, many years.

How was your week?  Was it full of frugal fails or frugal successes or a little bit of both?


2 thoughts on “Frugal Endeavors

  1. I guess your frugality did get a hit this week, what with a new roof on the woodshed, new glasses and new winter tires. But they were all necessary. And aren’t you happy the money was there because of your frugal ways? I feel for the people who live from week to week with no wiggle room for these unexpected or unplanned necessities. As far as the bears are concerned, I am glad you are able to share your bounty with them. I have heard that because of your summer and the fires, there is very little food for the bears right now to fatten up before hibernation. (If I am remembering correctly, you live in BC?) Anyways, I have been following and enjoying your blog, but I am only commenting now for the first time.


    • Thanks for stopping by Susan. I am grateful for so many things including having money set aside for unexpected expenses and not the least of all, the many firefighters who are still tirelessly working to control the fires here in BC and in Washington. They are true heros. The bears ate so many of our apples and pears they were too fat to climb the trees without breaking off the branches. Good thing they needed pruning.


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