Frugal Endeavors

Food from our garden

Food from our garden

August 16 to August 23

Sunday – gave my pantry a through scrub down before canning season starts in earnest. Found enough dry herbs to make a new batch of poultry seasoning and found a few recipes to use up some of last years canning.

Monday – renewed our car insurance.  Asked a lot of questions hoping to reduce my rate, but as it turns out its better for us if we don’t changed anything

Tuesday and Wednesday – Left overs for lunch and a no spend day. Brought left over coffee home from work to make coffee ice cubes for cold coffee drinks.

Thursday – Took the recycling to the transfer station and bought vegetables for the week. Cleaned out the fridge and sent several bendy vegetables and cherry tomatoes from the mutant tomato plant to the dehydrator. Used more leftovers to make a potato, bacon, onion hash for dinner.

Saturday was not a frugal day.  I spent money on a drop in yoga class with friends but it was worth it. I felt so much better after the class and I think I will continue to go.

Friday and Sunday were no spend, stay at home days. Ate from the freezer and did a little mending. The smoke from the nearby forest fires is preventing much outdoor activity so we worked together to finish some inside chores including removing some old cupboards from the kitchen and moving them into my pantry. This substantially increased my storage. We did manage some time outside stacking firewood and picking elderberries.

What frugal things did you do this week?


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