Frugal Endevours

Rest stop at the end of the scariest mountain pass every.  A welcome sight that let me know I survived

Rest stop at the end of the scariest mountain pass ever. A welcome sight that lets me know I survived another trip over the Creston-Salmo

August 1 to August 9, 2015

After engaging on a long drive to visit family, I was simply too tired to post anything last week.  This post includes two weeks worth of endeavours.

Monday – Zucchini bread for breakfast and leftovers for lunch.

Tuesday – gratefully received an empty shampoo bottle from a co-worker to store a homemade hair remedy. It sounds like a silly thing to be grateful for but a heavy-duty plastic bottle (as opposed to glass, which can be dangerous in the shower) was just what I needed and I am a long way from using up my current bottle of shampoo. She has one less thing to take to the recycling and I get exactly what I need.  A win-win situation for both of us.

Wednesday – Leftovers for lunch.  Picked up my new set of sheets from the post office.  I “bought” these sheets using air miles that were set to expire, so they cost me nothing.  Just in time too, as my current set are tearing and pilling. Brought them home, washed them, and hung them on the line of course!

Thursday – Preparing for a road trip.  Used the codes from milk cartons to enter this contest and received coupons for two free coffees to enjoy on our drive.  I also packed some snacks, a bottle of water, and our to-go coffee cups. The snacks are pure junk but gluten free and were 30% off. Say what you want, but sometimes a road trip calls for some junk food.

Tuesday – back to work. Stopped at a roadside stand and bought fresh corn on the cob. Had left over chicken for dinner

Wednesday – Stopped at the grocery store and picked up some peppers for 30% off to use in a recipe for corn relish to which I added onions and a hot pepper from my garden. Spent the evening in the kitchen making corn relish.

Thursday – grocery shopping. Picked up a Christmas gift from the framers. My Sweetie took some tomatoes from our mutant tomato plant into work to share. They went quickly.

Friday – worked on my computer. Made another batch of salsa to use up some odds and ends of peppers.

Saturday – spent a wonderful day with a friend picking blueberries and talking before we went to the beach for a snack and drink.

What frugal things have you been up to this summer?


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