Frugal Endeavors

Yum! Tiny little cherry tomato hiding in the tomato jungle.

Yum! Tiny little cherry tomato ready to be added to a salad.

July 20 to July 26

Monday – leftovers for lunch and a load of laundry hung out to dry. Watched the water bombers put out a forest fire burning on an uncomfortably close mountaintop. Very grateful the wind was blowing away from us.

Tuesday and Wednesday – the usual frugal activities such as using leftovers for lunch. Both were no spend days.

Thursday – my weekend begins! Cleaned the house, harvested some herbs from my garden, hung the laundry, and rendered some beeswax. I am hoping to get enough that I can make some candles for Christmas presents. Friday was grocery shopping where I got chicken thighs for a $1.30 or so a pound and gluten free snacks for 30% off for a road trip coming up next week. I also got over 20 pounds of peaches for $0.99 a pound.  That is a pretty good price for here.

Over the weekend, made first aid ointment, harvested some more comfrey and discovered that I have black currant and wild raspberries growing in that field. Gratefully accepted a zucchini from my neighbor and used it to make zucchini bread for lunches, baked parmesan zucchini sticks for dinner and still shredded two servings of 2 cups each for the freezer. I even managed to save some seeds. Canned 17 pints of peaches. This is enough to last me through the winter, unless my boys show up for a visit. Then they might last for a couple of hours.

How did you save money this week?  Leave a comment and let me know.


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