Throw Back Thursday

My new clothesline in action

My new clothesline in action

Once upon a time we all used solar energy and evaporation to dry our clothes. I still do, as often as I can.  Recently, my Sweetie constructed me a super duper clothes line complete with pulleys, line spaces, and a post that required a hole to be dug and cement to be poured.  It might be silly, but I am thrilled with my new toy. I find the repetition of hanging the laundry to be peaceful and meditative.  It requires me to pay attention to larger issues, such as the weather and it brings rhythm to my day – laundry in the machine while I drink my morning coffee, hung on the line while I put the sprinkler is on the garden, and unpinned and brought inside after the dinner dishes are washed. I also save money. The big sticker on the door of my dryer informs me that it used 82 kWh per month.  This works out to between$7.38 to $11.07 a month.  Not a lot, but the pennies and dollars do add up.  My clothes should also last longer when they are not subjected to the rigors of the drier. And the smell! In my mind, there is no greater luxury than sleeping on sheets that have dried in the summer sun.

Do you use a clothesline?  Leave me a comment and tell me why or why not.

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