Frugal Endeavors

July 12 to 19, 2015

I enjoyed these roses for a whole day before the deer ate them.

I enjoyed these roses for a whole day before the deer ate them.

Monday – back to work and a frugal fail of a day.  Came home to a crockpot full of chicken that flipped the breaker and did not cook. Instead it sat, in all its rawness, on the counter, in our over heated house for the whole day.  So, chicken in the garbage ($$) and we went out for dinner ($$) instead. And filled up the truck ($$). And bought me a new sewing machine (30% off but still $$). I love my new machine and I have never owned a brand new one, and we paid cash for it without sacrificing any other bill but still, What the heck!!

Tuesday – Managed to scramble up something for our lunches to take to work (usually we take leftovers). Really tired when I got home from work.  It takes a bit of energy to get back into the swing of things.  Being tired does keep you from spending money though.

Wednesday – no money out (whew!) Harvested our first tomatoes from the garden. And my roses are starting to bloom. Gratefully accepted a bag of hand-me-downs from a co-worker.

Thursday – a day off (I’m only working 3 days a week). Hang several loads on my new super duper clothes line, played around on my new machine, cleaned the house, made peach bread to start using up last years canning to make space for this year’s canning, had left overs for super.

Friday – made iced coffee using the recipe from Pioneer Woman’s website. Hung laundry, took in recycling, ordered a new set of sheets using my airmiles reward points. Made soap with my neighobour

Saturday – a day out in the bush with my Sweetie.  No cost to enjoy the beautiful weather and stunning scenery.


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