Frugal Endeavors

This is how my frugal week shaped up:
Sunday – installed an exterior sun blocking blind. We had record-breaking heat and this helped quite a bit. Went for a hike with my boy who was visiting from out of town before the heat became too oppressive.

View on the Transcanada Trail on the Fife to Santa Rosa section.

View on the Transcanada Trail on the Fife to Santa Rosa section.

Monday – In the morning, I cooked a salmon gifted to us from a friend who is an avid fisherman and chicken legs in the crock-pot for future meals this week. I harvested a couple of batches of lavender and then picked a few more saskatoons so that I could make a small batch of jelly. My boy and I went for coffee at the next town over. Got a pamphlet for a self-guided walking tour and learned a little more about this small town. Came home and made jelly in the cool of the evening.

Tuesday – made a pair of sweatpants for the boy from fabric in my stash. Cleaned the house and hung two loads of laundry on the line. Watched Tudor Farm on Youtube for free. A very interesting series, I recommend it. Not much else was accomplished and none of us slept well. There is nothing like a mosquito buzzing around your head all night to keep you from sleeping.

Wednesday – Canada Day!

Butterfly and lavender

Butterfly and lavender

Thursday – harvested more lavender. I now have little bundles drying all over the house. This not only makes my house smell good, but it will provide raw material for a few Christmas gifts. Dug out some left over quilt patches to use for another table runner.

Friday – Nicose Salad for dinner. A chance to try a new recipe and to use up some leftovers from the fridge. We liked this dish and it will be added to our repertoire of meals.

Saturday – Went for a drive to the next town over. Stopped at a rest stop and came across a large clump of bachelor buttons growing wild. It was also going to see so we collected a few dried seed heads for next year’s garden. If they germinate, we will have a lovely memento of our day together.

Sunday – worked some more on the woodshed, which is almost done. We were able to reuse some wood left in the barn by the previous owner. This wood has probably been tucked away for years and it is better quality than what we have been buying.

Leave a comment and let me know your frugal summer activities.


3 thoughts on “Frugal Endeavors

  1. I’m so envious of your frugal endeavors! It is so nice to have a good time with so little. I think how you are making the most of life is brilliant!


  2. Wow! You’ve been so productive this week. I would love to have lavender to harvest. My laundry detergent is lavender scented. So calming!


    • I grew up in the “Great White North” of British Columbia. Lavender was stuff from fairy-tales, like getting fruit right off a tree. I was so thrilled when we got this house and there was a large, well established lavender plant growing in my front yard!
      Thanks for visiting!

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