Frugal Endeavors

Wild Orchid

Wild Orchid

Last week was an expensive week, money out for property taxes, tools to build the wood shed and money to the wood man. I am grateful that I put enough aside to pay cash for all of these expenses.

Monday: Hung two loads of laundry, made salsa from on sale peppers and canned tomatoes from my pantry, made a small cosmetic bag to match my new tote bag made peanut butter cookies to snack on.

Tuesday – dinner from left over pork roast. Took my recycling to the transfer station myself as I was in town running errands anyways. This saves us $3.00 a week. Not a fortune but every penny counts.

Wednesday – dinner from leftover leftover pork roast. Cleaned up the yard. Being busy and tired keeps us from spending money.

Thursday – planted a second harvest of carrots. Hung sheets on the line to dry. Clean, line dried sheets are one of my favorite luxuries. Downloaded several free magazines to flip through.

Friday – got the house ready for a visit from my oldest son.

Saturday – Gathered saskatoons, split wood (cause that’s just what one does with guests) make a skin toner using yarrow gathered while collecting saskatoons. Purchased a large, sun blocking exterior blind to cover our very large, west-facing window. The day time high for the next few weeks are forecasted to be in the mid 30s.  This should help keep our house cooler, saving both electricity and our sanity.

What did you do this week to stay frugal?


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