Miss Wigglyhead reveals her true identity and gets a makeover.

There is now way to sugar coat it, Miss Wigglyhead was looking a little worse for wear.  Time for a make over!

The first step was to get her hair done.  So off to the hair dressers (kitchen counter) where she hung out in waterfall pose with her head in a bowl of fabric softener.

Wiggly head getting her hair done

After an hour or so, I took her over to the sink and rinsed out her hair.

The results:

before and after

There is a little improvement. At least her hair stays down.

The next step in Miss Wigglyhead’s makeover was to remove the old soft.  This was done very carefully so that I could use it as a template to make the new soft.  Once her old soft was removed, I flipped her over.  It appears that her real name is Debbie.



I used some left over muslin to make Debbie’s new soft.  Flannel would also be a good choice.

To make the front of the new soft, I laid the old soft on top of the muslin and pinned it down.


Then I cut around the old soft leaving a 1/4 inch margin to act as a seam allowance front cut out


To make the back of the soft, I folded the old soft in half and cut two identical pieces from the muslin with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.
Back cut out

Next I ironed the edges to create a 1/4 hem on all openings.

ironning the hem

I stitched each hem down using a zig-zag stitch for extra security.



Once the hems were stitched down, I took both back pieces, right sides together and stitched a center seam halfway down.  This will create an opening so that Debbie can put on her new soft.

Next I took the back piece and the front piece of the new soft, right sides together, and stitched along the shoulders, the sides of the body, and in between the legs.  I was careful not to sew shut any of the openings. I clipped around all the curves so that it would lay nice.

Once everything was sewn together, the new soft was turned right side out and Debbie put on her new soft. The gap left on the back was hand sewn shut.

Sew the gap


All done.  Here is Debbie showing off her new body


Front. Yes, that’s a rose tattoo.



While I wasn’t looking, she snuck out and got not one but two tattoos including a butterfly tramp stamp.  Looks like Debbie will need a bit of watching.


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