Frugal Endeavors

The roses blooming beside my house.

The roses blooming beside my house.

This week was super hot, but I still managed to be a little frugal.  Here is what I accomplished.

Returned a watermelon that was just too disgusting to eat.  I used the money on a pair of scissors from the thrift store. These are the same scissors I had listed on my Amazon wish list for less than half the price.

Despite the heat, I helped my mom paint miles of fencing. She gave me ½ dozen eggs from her hens that have finally started laying again.

My mom and I took a break from painting to carpool to the grocery store to stock up on on-sale turkey (.99 cents a pound – unheard of here!) and bacon.

I cut the man’s hair.

Finished sewing a new tote bag for myself using fabric from my stash. I managed to get paint from the fence on it because that’s just what I do.

We arranged for firewood to be delivered at the end of this month for use next winter.  We took advantage of this deal because we will save almost $100 a cord.

The usual frugal activities occurred including hanging laundry on the line, eating at home, and using up leftovers.

What did you do last week to save money?


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