Frugal Endeavors


Butterfly and Columbine

It rained most of the week, so I spent most of my time indoors.  As a result, I finished a new quilted table runner and a matching pillow. Despite being housebound for most of the week, I managed to rip the seat out of two pairs of pants!  The pajama pants were made from a thrifted vintage sheet and I have worn them for several years.  The remaining fabric still in good condition will be repurposed into a quilt for the guest room.  The jeans – not sure how I will be reusing them.

I gathered plantain and more comfrey to infuse in grapeseed oil to make skin cream.

I made hamburger soup from leftover spaghetti sauce.

I braved the mountain passes to visit my youngest son and have the oil changed in our vehicle. We went to a local thrift shop and I bought only a single cross stitch magazine for 50 cents.  It has a very nice pattern that I might use in my bathroom. The purchase of only one item was a remarkable exercise in restraint.  I really enjoyed this magazine and it had several very nice patterns.  I let my son know that if he picked up the remaining magazines for somebody’s christmas gift, that somebody would really appreciate it!

We were lucky enough to find the time to spend out in the bush. I came across a large patch of nettles and I harvested a large bag to take home with me.  We also gathered an entire bag of elder flowers, which I dried for tea. We took a picnic and drinks with us and had an excellent day.




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