Throwback Thurday

Wiggly head

Miss Wigglyhead

Miss Wigglyhead

My mom came across this doll in our local thrift shop and bought it for me because when I was a little girl, I had one just like it.

Her name was Miss Wigglyhead because when she was new, you could pull her string and she would wiggle around like a newborn (or writhe like she was about to be sick according to my mom).

Miss Wigglyhead, like all my dolls was an avid swimmer and spent a lot of time bathing in mud puddles, accompanied by myself because you should always swim with a buddy. Consequently, her ability to wiggle was compromised. Her soft fabric body, or “soft” as I called it, was replaced several times by my mom and she lasted for many years.  I don’t know what eventually happened to her but I do remember her fondly.  Maybe I will try and restore this Miss Wigglyhead to her former glory.

What special toys can you remember from your childhood?



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