Frugal Endeavours 2

May 17 to May 24, 2015


Lilacs, comfrey, and an old abandoned plant pot

This week transplanted volunteer lavender and strawberries and the rest of my herb seedlings

Picked several lilac bouquets for the bathroom. My bathroom smelled divine all week. Picked comfrey to infuse oil for soap and salves. I also found an old plant pot abandoned by the previous owners to reuse in the garden.

Hung laundry several times. I installed a temporary clothesline.  The fancy, permanent clothesline will be in place once the new wood shed is complete.

Planted nasturtiums and peppers.  I hoping that neither the deer or the gophers will eat them.

Worked on a new table runner using fabric sent to me from a friend at Christmas and from my stash.  I downloaded and listened to several podcasts while I sat at my sewing machine.

 We painted planter boxes using leftover paint.  We used lumber left behind in the barn.  The topsoil was purchased from a local nursery for $35 a pick up load.  A great deal! Hopefully the deer won’t eat everything before we get a chance to put up deer fencing. The potatoes and carrots are just starting to sprout and the onions are growing like nobody’s business.

Watched the flyers and was able to get a great deal on packaged chicken thighs.  We reinvented leftovers for lunches and dinners.

I took a snack with me when I went into town so I wouldn’t be tempted to buy something to feed myself.  I stopped and enjoyed my snack and a few thrifted (this months!) magazines at a public beach.

How did you save money this week?


A great spot to stop for a coffee break!


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