Throwback Thursday

Sometimes moms have good ideas.

Face cloth in a baggieWhenever we went out as a family on a picnic, my mom would bring a wet washcloth in a baggie.  This was back before the days of Wet Ones and hand sanitizers and the wet washcloth tucked into a plastic baggie (or bread bag) ensured that our hands and faces would remain clean.

I find myself using my mom’s practice more and more often.  Hand sanitizers and Wet Ones leave a funny smelling residue on my hands that make my food seem less appetizing and make me wonder what chemicals I am putting on my skin. Additionally, I almost always have a washcloth and plastic bag at home that can be pressed in to service – no additional purchases required.

What ideas do you now use that you learnt from your mom?


2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

  1. I find myself putting my empty bread bags in the freezer, which my mother in law does. I always have a supply on hand then ! But why the freezer???? Even she doesn’t know !! That was what her mother did !


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