Frugal Endeavours

This is how I saved money this week.

It was a long weekend here in sunny British Columbia and a spendy one at that. The purchases were planned but it still hurts to see all that money going out.

I did accomplish a few frugal things. Several loads of laundry were hung out on my clothes horse to take advantage of the sunshine. I added some languishing celery and bell peppers to my dehydrator. I needed some bobbins for my embroidery floss for a new projects so I made some. I think they turned out quite well as they are nice and sturdy.  Perhaps I will try my hand at writing a tutorial…

Our neighbour was called out of town on family business and gave us food from her fridge that would not last until her return. I took care of her cats and garden while she was away and she thanked me with a large bottle of home harvested maple syrup from family friends she visited while she was back east. Yummm.

Hope you all have an enjoyable weekend!


2 thoughts on “Frugal Endeavours

  1. you did great on the blog. what did I learn from my Mom back then and still try and use, my arm in the front seat for a seat belt, I still reach in front of my grandson to protect in case of a crash. He is wearing his seat belt. But old habits die hard. 😉 Laura Young from the Tea House


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