Frugal Endeavors – Sweet September

To September 14, 2018

In September, my focus shifts from the crazy business of summer to preparing for winter.  Hopefully, this will be good for both my budget and my pantry.

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Striving for Victory – Be Prepared!


Women in 1942 were prepared for everything from air raids to invasions. In 2018, we face blizzards, power outages, and forest or grass fires. In September, we focus on preparing our homes and families for natural disasters.

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Frugal Endeavors – Summer’s End


Pickled beets are the jewels in my pantry.

To August 31, 2018
So far we have been very lucky that the forest fires ravaging my province did not directly affect us. However, the smoke from those fires was something else.  As the air quality rose to extremely dangerous levels, we lived in a time of strange twilight.  The smoke and cooler weather means that the tourists have returned to their own homes. I am glad that our little village has calmed down, but I am sad that business has slowed down as everyone’s hours are now being cut. Time to tighten our belts for winter. Continue reading

Striving for Victory – Debbie Ties One On (Part 2 of Miss Wigglyhead Does her Bit)

No munition worker would be ready for work without a polka dotted headscarf and Miss Wigglyhead is no different. Here is how I made a Rosie the Riveter headscarf for Miss Wigglyhead so that she could report for duty and help her Gnome cousins in their conflict against the Trolls.

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Volunteer for Victory – My story


In July, we honoured our foremothers by volunteering. During the war, women not only maintained their homes and feed their families with limited resources but they also took over the jobs previously done by men and worked long hours. Despite the many demands on their time,  many still found time to engaged in volunteer activities.  I have been working on my volunteer contribution for a few months now.  Here is my report.

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