Frugal Endeavors – Everything is going swimmingly

April 5 to 17, 2019

My new bathroom is coming together swimmingly, it really is spring, and all is well in the world. At least for us this week.

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Frugal Endeavors – We take a Bath

Frugal Endeavors – The Beginning of April 2019

April 2018 got off to a “crappy” start when we realized we needed to replace our toilet. April 2019 has been much the same as a horde of ants clued us in to the fact that our weirdo bathtub was an issue.

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Frugal Endeavors – Lessons found in an old box of sewing notions

March 23, 2018

Thanks to daylight savings time or something, my usually bout of the winter blahs found me in March this year rather than February. I am well on the road to recovery as the sun is shinning, spring is on its way, garage sales are happening, and I found a little happiness and some frugal mojo in an old cardboard box.

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Unexpected Guests

Earlier this year, during the Striving for Victory Challenge, I stitch a uniform for Miss Wigglyhead so that she could do her bit and help her distant Gnome relatives in their conflict with the Trolls by working in a munitions factory. Well, sad to say, the conflict between the Trolls and the Gnomes continues and it has had unintended consequences for our household.

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Frugal Endeavors – February and Free both start with F.

March 5, 2019

As March was wandering in like a very, very cold lion, I was telling a co-worker about all the wonderful things on offer at our local library. When I told her everything was free, she said, ” ‘Free’ is my favorite F-word!” High praise from her since she, like the rest of us at our little store, suffer from chronic potty mouth.

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