Striving for Victory – October Challenge

Part of keeping the home fires burning during the war included protecting their homes from fire, no easy task in the face of the Luftwaffe. During the month of October, which is also fire safety moth, we will focus on keeping our homes and families safe from the flames. Continue reading

Striving for Victory – Better Prepared than Before!

In September of  2018 we focused on preparing our homes and families for natural disasters.  H focused on preparing her animal companions. Now it is my turn to tell you about my preparations. 

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Striving for Victory – An Autumn letter from Lily

The summer of 1942 was full of sorrow. The Allies were just beginning to learn of the horrors occurring behind the walls of German concentration camps.  Britain and Canada lost many young men after the August 19th raid on Dieppe. Rationing grew stricter as items such as rice and soap were subject to restrictions. Despite it all, love always finds a way as illustrated by the romance between Lily and John. Continue reading