Frugal Endeavors

Autumn leaves trapped by Winter’s ice

December 7 to 14, 2017

This week we saved money by being busy. Too busy to go out shopping! Continue reading


The Adventures of Miss Wigglyhead – All Dressed Up for Christmas

Well, it’s that time of year. The air smells like pine needles and fresh baked cookies. The holiday season must be here!

Miss Wigglyhead received an invitation to a Christmas party with some of her distant relatives who live somewhere out in the forest. She won’t say where, as like most Gnomes, they are very private and reclusive. She did want to make a good impression, so a new outfit was needed.  Continue reading

Frugal Endeavors

Two of my favorite ways to stay warm in the winter. My all time favorite quilt and lots of firewood.

End of November to December 6, 2017

It’s early winter and I can feel the world around me slowing down. Encouraging me to follow suite.  Even though I can feel myself slipping into hibernation mood, I still did what I could to save my pennies.  Continue reading

Frugal Endeavors –

Winter is a good time for reflection.

November 21 – 28, 2017

I like quiet weeks when nothing exciting happens. My digital diet left me with more time to do the things I like to do as well as a few things that save us money. This is what we did this week.

My neighbour went off to New York (!) with our local choir to sing at Carnegie hall (!). I am so happy that she got to be part of this performance. I helped out by staying behind to feed her cats. She passed over a jug of milk that would expire before her return. I used it to make yogurt as part of the Food in Jars mastery challenge for this month.

We covered the windows and doors in our drafty living room with plastic. In the past we have found that this chore does make the room feel warmer. Thankfully the mild weather this week means that we have not been burning as much wood.

The local library sets up shop once a week in our village. I went for a walk down my hill to the library to pick up a book I reserved online. Exercise and a new book to read, can’t ask for more than that.

I borrowed a couple of DVDs from a friend. The Man and I spent a lovely night cuddled up on the couch watching Harry Potter and feasting on snacks from the freezer and cheese bought on super sale at work.

I had to pull two packages of our made in store, rich, and gooey Cinnamon buns off our shelves  because they had reached their “best before” date. I brought them home to tryout a bread pudding recipe, which worked out really well.

Stash Busting:

Less time on my computer meant that I had more time to sew.

I made another ornament as part of this year’s Ornament Along using materials I had on hand. The bead in this ornament were recovered from an old tshirt that was also used to make a hair band and a yoga type waistband for a pair of pajama pants.

Ornament number 8 is ready for the tree. #ornamentalong #stiptreeornament

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I finally got around to making two sets of Christmas pajama pants from flannel I purchased on deep discount earlier this year. I used the elastic from a thrifted pair of pajama pants that were repurposed as quilt fabric for one pair. I will have to venture out to buy elastic for the other pair.

My youngest child asked for new pillow cases for Christmas. I repurposed and old sheet to make two envelope style cases and used a free embroidery pattern I found online at Flamingo Toes. I am inordinately happy with the fact that I used up an entire skein of embroidery floss from my stash.

That was my week – How was yours? Leave a comment and tell me all about it.

Sweet dreams.

Food in Jars Mastery Challenge – When the stars align: fermenting free milk

Making yogurt!

This month’s Food in Jars Mastery Challenge was all about using fermentation to preserve food. Despite the health benefits provided by fermented foods, I have never really been a fan. At least I wasn’t a fan until I realized that both sour dough bread and yogurt rely on fermentation to develop their unique flavors. And then my neighbour gifted me with a jug of milk that would go bad before she returned from her travels. Clearly the universe was telling me to make yogurt. Continue reading

Frugal Endeavors – small challenges and frustrations or opportunities in disguise


Oh! There is snow on those hills!

November 14 – 21
I’m hoping that I can keep this post short and sweet. The power cord for my laptop bite the dust and my computer will not charge. We have ordered a new one but it will be a couple of weeks before it is delivered. It takes concentration and manual dexterity to bang away on my phone keyboard so here is a short list of our frugal activities this week. Continue reading

Stepping Stone Quilt


I spent a good part of this year making a quilt for a good friend that he could give to his granddaughter for her 16th birthday.  He told me many many good things about this young woman including the fact that she is a very athletic and smart and loves the colour purple.

I figured that this Stepping Stone quilt made in with different scraps of purple would be a perfect fit for her.

I hope this quilt will keep her warm as she transitions from girlhood to adulthood.

Happy Birthday!