Striving for Victory – Fashion on the Ration: a Letter from Rose


In April 1942 the clothing ration had been cut to 48 coupons and additional restrictions were placed so that more resources could be used for the war effort. As part of our rationing challenge,  we are attempting to better understand what our foremothers experienced by reporting our experiences in a series of letters between two sisters, Lily and Rose.

This is what Rose has to say for herself for the month of April.

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Frugal Endeavors – April – off to a crappy start



The month started with the realization that our upstairs toilet was leaking causing the floor beneath it to rot, badly. The Man replaced the 40+ year old toilet and the bathroom floor before things got worse. I am so grateful that The Man is a good handy man.  I can only imagine what it would have cost us to hire a plumber! I am hoping that my new water saving toilet will decrease our water usage. Silver linings and all that.

In happier news, I helped my youngest move to more suitable accommodations. I made a batch of pumpkin gingerbread as a house warming gift for him using some of the pumpkin from my freezer. He bought me lunch at the local pub as a thank you.

I also cut The Man’s hair again.  We spent about $20 on hair clippers about  four years ago.  They have certainly paid for themselves.

Stocking the Pantry

This week, my Mom sent me home with a box of chicken breasts and some canned goods she didn’t want, including three cans of crushed pineapple. I made Pineapple Dream for dessert one night using some cream cheese that needed to be used up. This is a favorite recipe.

Yum! Sooo good.

Stash Busting

I’ve been hanging out with my sewing machine a lot these last couple of weeks. I worked on some quilts, sewed on couple of patches, and mended a shirt for my boss. I made another garment bag from an old sheet and I made a couple of reusable shopping bags using an online pattern and fabric from my stash. I have plans for these bags as part of our Striving for Victory challenge this month.

That is how we pinched our pennies this week – leave a comment and tell me about your week.

Striving for Victory – Fashion on the Ration and how to save your clothing ration coupons.

Go Through Your Wardrobe - Make-Do and Mend

H and I are bringing a little 1942 into our lives by rationing our clothes, just like they did in World War Two.  I made an error in my last post and allotted us each 66 coupons. However, I didn’t realized that in 1942, the amount was cut to 48 coupons.  Sorry H! Maybe these tips will help keep you make the most of your 48 coupons.
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