Striving for Victory – A Summer Letter from Rose


In the summer of 1942, Britain was under attack both by sea and by air as the Battle of Britain began to heat up. Ration were cut back and it must have seemed like the war would go on forever.  Fortunately for Rose, she can look forward to learning more about the potential romance between her sister Lily and a handsome Canadian.

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Frugal Endevours – Sweet, Sweet July


An inucksuk I saw while out walking.

It’s summer time and the living is easy – or at least a little less expensive.  I have been drawing on the abundance of nature to supplement our household budget.   Continue reading

Striving for Victory – Volunteer for Victory


This month, we honour our foremothers by volunteering. During the war, women not only maintained their homes and feed their families with limited resources but they also took over the jobs previously done by men and worked long hours. Despite the many demands on their time,  many still found time to engaged in volunteer activities.

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